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Hand Over Your Emotions Part I & II

What began as an exercise in improving my ability to draw hands, turned into two collections of work with a view for a possible third.

As a portrait artist, it’s evident how much hands can be utilised within a picture, they are a perfect prop for any face.

Just as the face comes in all shapes, sizes, and hues, as do hands and when you combine the two it can create the most intriguing of portraits.

Hands can divulge so much about their owner.

Well-manicured nails and skin as soft as silk to rough and calloused, nails bitten, age spots, wrinkles and sometimes the loss of a digit or more.

After the first 14 hand sketches, I was satisfied that I had gained the skill to draw hands proficiently.

I also had a full collection exhibition worthy. Each one standalone, yet together even more powerful and captivating.

The hands supported, masked, and complimented the faces.

Without context, the mood, the moment captured is open to the audience’s interpretation.

Each portrait having a different meaning to the viewer. 

And so, the title “Hand over your Emotions” not only refers to the physicality of the portrait but the audience’s interaction.

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